Data Backup

There are few parts of your business more important than your data.  If theft, fire, hurricane or when your hard drive breaks and takes your equipment out of service, your computer hardware is probably covered by your insurance policy, your data is NOT!  We highly recommend Carbonite to back up your data.  It's inexpensive, very reliable and it's your best friend when you need to recover your data.   


Cloud Storage

Do you have a free Dropbox account? It among our most useful tools. Dropbox allows you to store a large volume of your important files in the "Cloud" so you can access them from anywhere, at any time, even on your SmartPhone or tablet. Dropbox is one of the best accessories available to us today.


Malware? Viruses? Windows Maintenance?

Everyone knows it is important to have a good antivirus program and to keep it up to date. For commercial environments we recommend server-based Trend Micro products.  For small offices we recommend Trend Micro and Symantec products.

But there's more you should do to keep malware out of your computers.  Here's the short and simple list we recommend you follow:

    • Turn your computers off every night unless that is when they are backed up or they must be available for remote control.  If they do need to be on at night, we recommend you restart them each day.  Servers should be restarted once a week.
    • Apply all critical Microsoft updates.
    • Keep Java up to date.  Go to and install the Free Java Download at least once a month


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