Network Services

There are all kinds of networks out there. Some work well, while others, not so much.    We like to keep things simple which usually results in an reliable, efficient, and fast network.

There are many parts to a network: usually a server, workstations, a router, switches, wi-fi access, Internet services, networked printers, shared storage, and so on.    Are you HOPING it will be up and running in the morning or DO YOU KNOW?

If you have questions or problems just describe your objective to us and we will find a solution for your network needs. 910-270-9997. Or, of course, Click here.

  Remote Support

We offer remote access support to our clients.  If you have a problem that has to be handled off hours from wherever we are or when our schedule is fill, you are in luck!

This gives you a great deal of flexibility and freedom. For example, one of our clients needed to be moved to Microsoft Exchange e-mail, but they had a huge (16 GB) Oulook PST file and could not stop operations during the work week for the time it takes to transfer that behemoth to the Exchange server. We logged in after hours and handled. Our client was up and running in the morning. We like our weekends to be free, but we do what it takes to keep our clients happy.


Troubleshooting is our specialty. We troubleshoot networks, computers, smart devices, operating systems, hardware, software, and user problems.  You may fear the loss of your email, photos, or other files, but that is extremely unlikely. If you have important information that you can’t afford to lose, be sure to have someone with the experience and knowledge to make sure it is safe. This work can be tedious and frustrating, but extremely important and we will get it right.




So, how important is your data to you and your business? Could your business survive a loss of all your customer records, your receivables, and your employee information? How about your e-mail?

Is your data safe from fire or hurricane damage? How about theft? Insurance only covers the equipment. It does not pay for the recovery of all your invaluable information.

We recommend Carbonite

Talk with us about your backup and information recovery options. You’ll be glad you did.

  Data Recovery

All hard drives will break at some point, usually when you are least prepared. When that occurs, you are in trouble and your data is gone! When your hard drive makes noise or when you get cryptic messages on your computer, the best thing you can do is to shut the computer off before more damage takes place.

We've earned a very good reputation for retrieving data from these damaged drives. Some are easy, some are hard, but we usually get the data.

  Custom E-Mail and Web Hosting

Your e-mail address should suggest there is a professional behind it.  An addres ending with "", "" or "" just doesn't cut it.  You need to have your own business name as part of your e-mail address.  It’s inexpensive to have your own, professional email address, to have your own domain name, and a presence on the web too.

Commercial e-mail has many useful features and flexibility such as email forwarding, autoresponder, webmail, and so on. Have you thought about email that is always up to date and works on your smart phone and tablet as well as a computer? Wouldn't it be great to have the e-mail you sent from your smart phone reflected on your desktop?  The answer is Hosted Exchange">

Talk with Coastal Computer Systems about your needs. Click here or click the “Ask a Question” tab on the right.

  Equipment Upgrades

Do you need more server storage or maybe more memory to improve performance? Need a better, farther-reaching Wi-Fi environment for your office? Is it secure? Do you need dual monitors on your workstation? Are your printers in the right place and are they properly networked?

For these and any of hundreds of other reasons you should call us for help.

  Hosted Exchange

If you are in business and you aren’t using Hosted Exchange, you need to consider it. If you go with it you will never go back! Your email travels with you wherever you are. If you send a message from your smart phone, that message will be in your “Sent Items” on your desktop computer, your tablet, or on any Internet-connected computer in the world. It’s all there all the time!

We offer Hosted Exchange E-Mail with support for up to five devices per user. This includes desktop, mobile devices and webmail support and up to 25GB storage.

Other features fantastic are available.

  Virus / Malware Removal

If your workstations access the Internet on a regular basis and have been in use for a couple of years or more, they have probably slowed down. Maybe they have popups or you might even have had complaints from your Internet provider. You probably have Malware. We can help.

If your workstation is less than 5 years old it is probably worth the effort and expense of repairing, so let us know. We will give you an honest assessment and repair estimate.